Distribution Centre Tilburg

From our DC in Tilburg to the Retail

De Smaakspecialist develops and produces but also distributes sustainable, nutritious food! Somewhere in our enormous distribution centre (DC) in Tilburg on top of a pallet, a little jar of Smaakt peanut butter is patiently waiting to make its way to the supermarket. This centre is the logistical heart of our organisation where over 1000 different products (from our own and other brands) get distributed to retail channels.

Just another day at the office

Each week more than 1200 orders from all over the world are received.
Logistic Partners from de Smaakspecialist, Bakker Group and van Caem logistics combined with a tactical network of handlers make sure the logistics process is a is a smooth ride and goes nice and easy from start to end. This of course in close co-operation with the logistics department at the office.

Order’s up!

The distribution process follows a generally steady pattern. On Monday supermarkets can place their orders until 10:00 (every week there are about 850 outlets with orders!). When the orders come in they get checked and an order list gets printed with the products that the distribution centre has in stock, the so-called pre-pick orders. From about 12 in the afternoon ’til  9 in the evening the employees are hard at work to get all the orders ready. With a fork lift truck the jar of peanut butter is lifted with its pallet and put on a trolley; several other pallets stacked beneath him.

And what if there isn’t any in stock?

Supermarkets also often order products that aren’t in stock, for example Ethiquable chocolate. These orders are called pick-to-zero orders. The chocolate has to be ordered and the supplier has 24 hours to transport it to our distribution centre.  The employees can start processing the pick-to zero orders as soon as all the missing products are in. The jar of peanut butter is accompanied by a delicious bar of peanut butter on one of the 600-700 trolleys, ready to roll out into the wide world and finally your supermarket. It’s a race against time, because every order has to be ready at Wednesday 11:00 to be picked up by the trucks. Once the trucks drive away it’s time to wave goodbye to (with much enthusiasm) the jar of peanut butter and bar of chocolate, on to Jumbo or Plus. On Thursdays and Fridays the new supply arrives and DC can be restocked and readied for the next week.

Logistical challenge

That has been the logistical journey of a jar of peanut butter! It’s a world full of short deadlines working hands on.  For short, a very elaborate process that needs to happen in a short period of time. It’s challenging, but also fun. Of course we want nothing less than a shelf filled with peanut butter jars, so they can follow their consumer .. to the sandwich!