Organic brands

Good for your body, good for the world and above all tasteful!

We honestly believe in the power of organic produce and it’s positive influence on the health of man and the world. We make our products with the utmost care for humans, animals and nature and only the best reach the supermarket shelves. Our brands Smaakt, Biotoday, RAW Organic Food and Goodbugs fit within a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for gluten free, low in sodium, lactose free, vegan, organic, raw or just plain healthy!

Our organic products are, because of their purity, intensely high in nutritional value which supports the body in staying healthy and happy. Besides the carefully selected organic production keeps and strengthens nature and it’s biodiversity. Discover our broad organic catalogue from preservable till fresh products, we have something for every time of the day.

De Smaakspecialist also distributes several other brands. Have a look at our distribution brands.