Sustainable products



We sincerely believe that it is our responsibility to take good care of our planet, with attention to people, animals and nature. Therefore all the choices we make are always with the health of the planet in mind, and we believe organic food can have a major impact on that health.


But we go further than just organic. We have a wide range of vegan products (both fresh and dry groceries) and 97% of our products are free of added refined sugars! Sustainable packaging is also an important pillar, in which we work with FSC-approved paper and BioBased foil.



In addition to good products, we also want these products to be produced under good working conditions. That is why de Smaakspecialist has developed a Code of Conduct for our suppliers, which defines the working standards for good and humane working conditions. Our suppliers subscribe to this Code of Conduct, in which they commit to high ethical standards. On the one hand for food safety and quality, on the other hand in relation to people, animals and nature.


Good for the earth

All products of de Smaakspecialist are organic. Organic food is produced under as natural conditions as possible, working with compost and natural manure, without chemical-synthetic aids (pesticides) and GMO (genetically modified) free. When processing food, it is important to keep the products as pure and natural as possible, without artificial additives. Organic food must meet strict requirements and is checked at the farmer, the producer and in the store.

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A vegan or plant-based diet means that no animal products are consumed, such as meat, fish, eggs, honey or dairy. In addition to being organic, the range of De Smaakspecialist is also more than 90% vegan. With this we make a (more) plant-based eating style more accessible to everyone.

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Good for your body

By refining sugar sources, all kinds of beautiful nutritious substances (such as vitamins, minerals, fibres) are extracted from the sugar source, which are essential for your body to properly absorb and process sugar. Too much (refined) sugar does not fit in with a healthy lifestyle. That is why the entire range of De Smaakspecialist has been examined and 97.5% of all products are now free of refined sugars.

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BioBased en FSC

De Smaakspecialist is constantly moving towards sustainable improvements. Not only with our products, but also with our packaging. For example, we have been carrying the FSC quality mark for our paper packaging for many years. In addition, the products of the Smaak brand and RAW Organic Food are now also packaged in a sustainable bag, made on the basis of BioBased foil.

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