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De Smaakspecialist is a young, modern company specialized in supplying organic food to supermarkets and branch organizations. Quality and added value is the basis for our success. Our assortment of products consists mainly of perishables, partly branded under our own brands such as BioToday, RAW Organic Food and Smaakt. We have an assortment of more than 500 products, to which we add around 75 innovations every year.

We make your wishes come true! The sky is the limit, we are flexible and expeditious. At this moment we export our products towards 25 different countries all over the world. We welcome all kinds of partnerships, so please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can be your partner for:

  • Private Label
  • Category management
  • Shelf Planning
  • Distribution

We are de Smaakspecialist

  • Organic-proof

    We are your partner in the area of organic nutrition. Our sustainable products are made with care for humans, animals and nature and free from artificial additives.

  • Loyalty

    With over 500 products and 5000 unique delivery addresses in 25 countries our brands and products are well-known. The availability of our products results in greater shop/supermarket loyalty.

  • Total package

    De Smaakspecialist offers a total package of organic brands, like Smaakt, RAW Organic and BioToday. Our wide assortment consist of both perishable and (vegan) fresh products, for every moment of the day.

  • Attractive

    Our brand portfolio attracts new customers. Each brand has its own unique look and feel, which serves different target groups from light-green customers to eco-lovers.

  • Innovator

    We are the innovator in the area of organic product development, with over 75 product introductions each year answering to the latest health food trends.

  • Advice

    With years of experience and knowledge we offer support in the area of logistics and category development in shops. Questions are more than welcome and we are happy to advice.

For every moment of the day
  • Breakfast and lunch: sweet & savoury toppings, cereals, crackers and rice cakes
  • Cooking: rice, pasta, grains, canned, dried pulses, meat substitutes, dinner kits, soups, sauzes & acids, seasonings, fats & oils
  • Snacks: cookies, candy, chips, chocolate, bars, snacks
  • Baking: flours & mixes, baking agents, sweeteners
  • Nuts: mixes, seeds, kernels, tropical fruits, powders
  • Drinks: tea, coffee, juices & smoothies, soda, plant-based drinks, wine & beer
High Quality

Our assortment is not only organic, but also 90% vegan (both perishable and fresh) and 97,5% free from refined sugars. Besides, where possible we work with sustainable packaging like FSC certified paper and BioBased foil. Having high quality products, also means we want our products to be produced under good and fair working conditions. That is why de Smaakspecialist developed a Code of Conduct for our suppliers, which defines the labor standards for good and humane working conditions.


Ready-to-eat and on-the-go

It is our mission to make responsible nutrition accessible and an easy choice. That’s why it’s no more than logical for us to make our organic products available for the Out-of-Home channel.  Our assortment offers both on-the-go and ready-to-eat products suitable for different eating-moments throughout the day. Think of snacks, bars, cookies and drinks. These products offer a solution for the increasing demands for healthy products in different channels, such as schools, (sport) canteens, hotels, petrol stations, caterers or vending machines.

Private Label

PL Bio

PL Bio develops unique private label product concepts in the field of organic food, in cooperation with retailers. PL Bio is flexible in meeting a client’s wishes; whether you need an organic assortment, innovative products or logistic solutions. We advise concerning trends and developments and transform product ideas into successful private or fancy labels. We take of everything from idea til end product. Think about purchasing, production, packaging, distribution or a part of this.

General Terms and conditions & Certificates

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