Sustainable packaging

BioBased foil

De Smaakspecialist is constantly moving towards sustainable improvements. Not only with our products, but also with our packaging. For example, we have been carrying the FSC quality mark for our paper packaging for many years. In addition, the products of the Smaakt brand and RAW Organic Food are now also packaged in a sustainable bag, made on the basis of BioBased foil. These are mainly products such as (breakfast) cereals, mueslis, nuts, seeds, kernels and dried fruits.


About BioBased foil


Sustainable packaging differs for each product (segment), taking into account several factors. Namely the durability of the material, the shelf life of the product and the protection of the product. The new sustainable packaging for Smaakt and RAW Organic Food consists of BioBased material. The sustainable aspect of this material is that it consists of more than 50% renewable raw materials. Sugar beet has been used as a source for this, so that arable land can be reused. The packaging is also fully recyclable. The BioBased material is composed in such a way that we do not have to make any concessions with regard to shelf life and protection. The developments and techniques surrounding sustainable packaging follow each other in rapid succession. That is why de Smaakspecialist will continue to challenge itself to take the next steps in sustainable packaging.