Certificates and partners

Sustainability and taking good care of the world play an important role at De Smaakspecialist. We are therefore extremely proud of the various leading certificates and quality marks, including B Corp, Skal and EKO, that we have now achieved as a company. It confirms that what we do as a team, day in and day out, we actually do well. Simply because it has been tested against strict rules, criteria and regulations and then rewarded with a quality mark. This not only guarantees our quality, but also encourages us to continue to improve. Of course, our mission is not only focused internally, but also on connecting our knowledge, products and time to partners. From this perspective, we work together with a number of inspiring and sustainable partners such as MVO Nederland and Nudge, in order to take steps forward together.


With the sustainability certification B Corp, De Smaakspecialist meets strict requirements in the areas of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. As a certified company, De Smaakspecialist works with a long-term vision, constantly improving in the value chain, optimizing business impact and creating good working facilities.


Skal Biocontrole is an independent supervisor committed to the demonstrable reliability of organic products in the Netherlands. An agricultural product or food may only be called organic if the production process meets the legal requirements. The Skal label means that the Smaakspecialist complies with all European regulations from the government and is also strictly monitored.


BRC Global Standards is a series of food safety standards aimed at organizations in the supply chain to supermarkets. With our international BRC certificate, we demonstrate that we meet the certification requirement for food safety by retailers.


IFS Broker is a certification system that ensures the safety of products that are directly delivered to customers. With the IFS broker certificate the Smaakspecialist demonstrates to be a reliable supplier, managing any risks in the purchased materials.


Organic Food Helmond is a social work company that is committed to bringing people with a distance to the labor market into work. This group is working every day to package the food products of de Smaakspecialist, among other things. From the mission to produce responsible food with attention for people, animals and the environment, producing the products at Organic Food Helmond was therefore a conscious choice.

MVO Nederland

De Smaakspecialist is partner of MVO Nederland! MVO Nederland is a large and varied network of MVO-entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs who are socially responsible. Of course we cannot create a sustainable(r) world on our own, which is why MVO Nederland brings parties together to bring about this change. The partners of MVO Nederland all have one thing in common: they bring about a positive change in the areas of climate and energy, raw materials, materials and waste, and/or working and resilient people.


The Smakspecialist ‘Friend of Nudge’.

Nudge is a consumer platform that contributes to positive changes in society through co-creation. Together with its community and business partners, the so-called ‘Friends of Nudge’. The Friends make it possible for Nudge to support projects and initiatives and to connect people and organizations. De Smaakspecialist contributes on the one hand by providing organic products and on the other hand by sharing knowledge in the form of workshops ‘KidsProef’ for children from group 7/8 (9-11 years old) of the elementary school.

Glutenvrij Certificaat


The allergens and gluten intolerance problem has led to an ever-increasing need for safe and healthy products that are also widely available to consumers with food intolerances. The Gluten Free Certificate contributes to this freedom of choice by transparently showing that certified products and companies comply with legislation and are therefore safe.

De Smaakspecialist meets the legislation in the field of gluten and is therefore a reliable and safe supplier of gluten-free food.

View the gluten-free certificate here. (Only in Dutch available)

Samenwerking Voedselbank Breda


Food is one of our basic necessities, which should be accessible to everyone. Yet 1.1 million people in the Netherlands live below the poverty line. And this while 34.4 kg per person of food is thrown away annually (in 2019). Voedselbank Nederland tackles these beíde extremes of shortage and surplus. Wastage and certainly in combination with people who need it the most, is an important item in our considerations as a B Corp company. Despite a careful chain process, during the year there are products which, based on THT for retail, unfortunately no longer ‘satisfy’. Voedselbank Breda is a valuable cooperation partner, saving good products from the garbage can and at the same time helping against poverty.