Organic and pure, free from artificial additives and above all very tasteful. Our assortment consists of 500+ products which can be found in the supermarket, mainly under our own brands Smaakt, BioToday, RAW Organic Food and Consenza. A wide range of both perishable and fresh products, for every moment of the day, answering to different trends like gluten-free or low-carb. Also, our assortment is free from refined sugars, mainly BioBased packed ánd over 90% vegan!





De Smaakspecialist believes in the power and urge of good food for a sustainable world. Making responsible food available for everyone. That’s what we do, day in day out. And how? By developing, producing and distributing delicious and organic products, produced with care for humans, animals and nature. But also by making people aware about the power of good food, by sharing knowledge and inspiration throughout our impact programs.


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Impact projects

KidsProef, Bio Proeflokaal & Organic Kitchen

Every single day we make impact with a big or a small step. We make organic foodprints: a print that respects the earth rather than it exhausts this beautiful globe. But we can only make a difference if make as many organic food prints as possible, with as many people as possible. That’s why we share our knowledge and inspire thousands of people on a daily basis via our impact projects; education program KidsProef, pop-up concept Bio Proeflokaal and online food community Organic Kitchen.

impact projects


As a B Corp we strive for high quality

Sustainability is a mindset, not just a paragraph in a mission statement. In other words, we do what we say. This is endorsed by the fact that de Smaakspecialist successfully obtained the B Corp sustainability certificate in 2018. With this, de Smaakspecialist meets strict requirements in the areas of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. We are also proud to note that with our efforts we contribute to 8 of the sustainable development goals drawn up from the United Nations, which are also a source of inspiration for us. Of course, we do not do all this alone, but in cooperation with our partners.

Sustainable Business


Recognizable by the green leaf skal logo

All products of de Smaakspecialist are organic. Organic food is produced under as natural conditions as possible, working with compost and natural manure, without chemical-synthetic aids (pesticides) and GMO (genetically modified) free. When processing food, it is important to keep the products as pure and natural as possible, without artificial additives. Organic food must meet strict requirements and is checked at the farmer, the producer and in the store.



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