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Meet the team behind de Smaakspecialist

De Smaakspecialist has grown a lot in the last few years. In september 2014 we literally grown out of our office in Ulvenhout and were forced to move into our current office in Bavel. Out team is counting around 30 employees, young and old, male and female, idealists and commercial types. But no mather if someone is a ‘die hard foodie’ or a ‘light green consumer’, everybody is equally enthusiastic to make our dream come true: making responsible, healthy food available for everybody, made with love and attention for humans, nature and the environment. Surrounded and inspired by our beautiful products, we go on a quest each new day to keep renewing, innovating, improving and inspiring.

Team de Smaakspecialist

As Director of Finance and Operations Daphne is charge of all the numbers at de Smaakspecialist. But she is also responsible for making sure quality, logistics, purchasing and data management is running smoothly. Daphne is a hugh fan of a healthy lifestyle and responsible food is of course a part of it. Her favourite products are the different muesli’s to put in her yoghurt bowl, delicious as breakfast or at any other time!



Daphne Mul
Director Finance and Operations

As field account manager for the southern and central regions of the Netherlands Menno keeps in touch with the retail managers. On a regional level he makes sure the right assortment is diplayed in the supermarkets. He loves to work at de Smaakspecialist because it offers a beautiful ‘on trend’ range of products and it is a professional dynamic organisation. His favourite product is the muesli with gojiberries from RAW organic food. Perfect and delicious for in the morning!

Menno Snijders

Stefan works at the sales department and assists the team in category and channel mangement. He is convinced that organic food has an important impact on people and environment. That’s why it’s his top priority to get the products of de Smaakspecialist on the shelves of as many supermarkets as possible. His own favorites are the RAW Organic Food cereals and the BioToday coconut oil and coconut milk.

Stefan Versluis
Assistent Category & Channel Management

Team Sales NL & Export

Joey Boelaars
Trade Marketing

Multitasker Frank is part of both the Logistics Department as well as the Development Kitchen. Frank’s favourite product from the Smaakspecialist’s range is the bumbu spice mix for spicy beef from Smaakt.

Frank Przespolewski

Team Sales NL & Export

Sandra Vissers
National Accountmanager

Rince werkt in het Marketing & Communicatie team. Haar doel is om de wereld een stukje mooier te maken en waar kan dat beter dan bij de Smaakspecialist. Met een passie voor gezonde pure voeding en duurzaamheid zit ze helemaal op haar plek tussen de biologische producten. Rince richt zich voornamelijk op de B2B (zakelijke) communicatie, maar met hetzelfde enthousiasme werkt ze aan creatieve ideeën of grafische opdrachten. Elke morgen start ze haar dag met all-time-favourite Smaakt havermout in haar yoghurtontbijtje, met uiteraard wat noten, zaden of kokos!

Rince Bekman
Marketing & Communication

Als onze Lunchspecialist zorgt Carla dag in dag uit voor een heerlijke, verse, voedzame en biologische maaltijd op de werkvloer. Ze is daarom onmisbaar in ons team van Smaakspecialisten. Wil je zelf eens van haar kookkunsten genieten? Carla runt haar eigen bedrijf De Gulden Nestel waar je heerlijk kunt tafelen en zelfs kooklessen kunt volgen.

Carla van Vliet
Lunch Specialist

As a true fan of cooking and a background in hotel management Esther fits in perfectly in the food branche. Surrounded by a team of great colleagues, she focuses mainly on the administrative side of the purchasing proces. And if there are any complaints about a product? Esther dives into the problem to sort it out. Her kitchen cabinets are always stocked up with Smaakt bestsellers like flax seed, honey, spelt crackers and walnuts.

Esther Levie

Saskia is working at the Marketing & Communicatie department, in other words the ‘content kitchen’. She is always busy; organising events like ‘Bio Proeflokaal’, starting up new cooperations or launching an awesome challange for RAW Organic Food. She has always had a great passion for health food in combination with sports, but every now and then she also enjoys a less healthy alternative. Her goals: creating a stronger connection between the consumer and (the brands of) de Smaakspecialist. Her favourite product? Smaakt peanut butter!

Saskia van Rijn
Marketing & Communication

Kim works at the Marketing & Communication department, also known as our Content Kitchen: a place where she loves to stir in the pots and pans! Her affinity with good and delicious food ánd creating content about it started when she worked for a cooking magazine. No wonder she wrote and published her own cook book: ‘het Bananenboek’ (the banana book). Guess her favourite product of de Smaakspecialist; BioToday banana flour, of course!

Kim Waninge
Marketing & Communication


Daiëlle Rikken
HR Manager

Rene is account manager for Private Label Netherlands and Export, and has also the responsibility for the Dutch Out of Home market. He thinks de Smaakspecialist is a young, dynamic, motivated and inspiring company, with a clear mission and a professional attitude. His favourite product are the Smaakt spelt crackers, which he uses with his breakfast. Besides, the protein powders help him recover his leg muscles after a long bike trip.

Rene van Gerwen
National Accountmanager

As a true sales person Marcel is in charge of our sales team. He has years of experience in both Dutch, German and Belgium Food Retail in the field of sales management. The most fun and interesting categories he has worked in, are without a doubt the food categories. In other words, a real Foodie. He tries to integrate as many organic products in his daily life, in all his all eating-moments. His personal favourite is the nut-range of RAW Organic Food.

Marcel Pat
Sales Manager

Mik works at the sales department and helps out her team in retail, export and especially new business. In the weekends you can find her cooking and baking in the kitchen, preferably with fresh products out of her own picking garden. Her passion for food is of good use at de Smaakspecialist and this is something is really enjoys. Her favourite products are the vegan ‘Bounty’ and delicious BioToday portion pack cookies for on the go!



Mik Wrekenhorst

Jelle is National Account Manager at de Smaakspecialist. In his job he is always working towards strong partnerships with his key accounts. His goal is to keep adding value to the health food category. Besides he aims for an optimal organic assortment in diverse categories in the supermarkets. Jelle is a big fan of the Smaakt legume pasta’s, as they fit perfectly in a low carb diet and contribute to a more healthy lifestyle.



Jelle Verschuur

Martijn is account manager of the East and is responsible for the 20 biggest clients in the Netherlands. He regularly uses the Coconut oil from RAW Organic Food, Neptune Dream pasta from Smaakt and the Coconut milk from BioToday. With this coconut milk he makes the best curry with spicy chicken!

Martijn Murray

Tom truly loves cooking. So he took his chances when de Smaakspecialist had a suiting vacancy. This way he can combine his passion and work. He started in a position outside, but worked his way into an office job. Besides supporting purchase and logistics, he is also busy with new product development. His favourite product: the spelt tagliatelli from Smaakt.

Tom Nuijten
Purchase & Logistics / New Product Development

Anneloes works for the Export department and is responsible for charting the products outside of the Netherlands together with Eveline. To do this she regularly visits trade fairs. Anneloes works at de Smaakspecialist, because she is all for organic and wholesome products. She loves the Oats2Go Raspberry from BioToday and her favourite recipe is a RAW chocolate pie, bursting with RAW organic products.

Anneloes Hoorneman

Ben is responsible for all Logistics, Trade Marketing & Category Management. Among other things he gives direction to the Sales department and is the spider in the web between Purchase & Logistics, Quality and Customer Service. The innovative power of de Smaakspecialist spoke to him leading to him working here now. Ben loves the chocolate bars of RAW Organic Food. Not just because it’s scrumptious, but also because of the durable process that the bar goes through during production. Bens favourite recipe is buckwheat pancakes with a little bit of raw honey.

Ben Stigter
Manager Logistics

Eef is working at the Marketing & Communication department. She is always searching for food inspiration and the latest trends, which she then shares with the community of the Smaakspecialist. She has a hugh passion for food and calls herself a true ‘Foodie’. Her dream: reaching a gigantic amount of people to inspire them about organic food.

Eef de Regt
Marketing & Communication

Nesrine can be found at the Quality and Product development departments. Next to that she keeps the data base of supermarkets up-to-date. She once began at de Smaakspecialist as a stagier and never left. Nesrine loves whole grain couscous from Smaakt and thinks all recipes with couscous are fantastic because of the products versatility.

Nesrine Titou

Maarten has a passion for projects and organisations with societal impact. So the match with ‘De Smaakspecialist’ is perfect. His role is to make the organisation and her intentions more visible. Among other things he has helped organize the Organic Kitchen food platform. His favourite product is the seaweed tapenade.

Maarten de Leng
Director Marketing & Sustainability

Hélène Lokhoff works on product development and she supports Sales. The products at de Smaakspecialist make her absolutely happy and that is why she set everything aside to start working at our company. Hélène’s favourite meal is breakfast, so it’s not a miracle that you can wake her up for a breakfast of oatmeal with carrot, cinnamon, raisins, cocoa nibs and coconut.

Hélène Lokhoff
Business Development

Karin supports the department Purchase & logistics. Actually she landed here at de Smaakspecialist via a friend. She was introduced and before we knew it she was working here with us. Luckily the food industry is a perfect fit for her, because she loves healthy food. Meals with buckwheat as main ingredient and all kinds of salads are her thing. As a snack you can make her happy with all kinds of nuts.

Karin van Rijsewijk
Purchase & Logistics

Hans van Gils is Financial Administrative Co-worker and has already had quite some experience in this position. He is happy to have made the step to ‘de Smaakspecialist’. A company with beautiful, healthy products, but above all tangible ones that surround you in the work environment. Hans actually likes everything, but likes bread the best. So the great variation in toppings of Smaakt like flower honey, the different kinds of jam and spreads may be a wholesome but mainly tasty choice.

Hans van Gils
Financial administration

Eveline works as a nutritionist at de Smaakspecialist. Together with Eef and Nesrine they form the Quality department. The vision of de Smaakspecialist connects to her personal vision: Food with love for the product, the people and nature. Evelinne really likes grains, because they form a balanced and varied base for every meal. Her favourite recipe is lukewarm Freekeh with a richly filled salad.

Evelinne Ramos França

From the conviction that that the responsibility to care for the world lies within ourselves Pieter Dirven’s dream was born: wholesome nutrition available for everybody, made with love and attention for human, nature and the environment. Pieter has really started to live his dream with all his energy and passion for ‘de Smaakspecialist’.

Pieter Dirven