B Corp

Sustainable certificate

Using business as a force for good

At the end of 2018, De Smaakspecialist obtained its B Corp sustainability certification. With this, De Smaakspecialist thus meets strict requirements in the field of social and environmental performance, transparency and liability. As a certified company, De Smaakspecialist works with a long-term vision, constantly improving in the value chain, optimizing business impact and creating good working facilities. As a B Corp company, we demonstrate that impact leads to scalability, profitability and positive change.

What is B Corp?


B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation. Certified B Corps are a new breed of companies that balance purpose and profit. A B Corp is defined as a company that considers the impact its decisions have on employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. It is a community of leaders from more than 2900 companies in more than 60 countries with 1 common goal; they are the drive behind a global movement of people who use their business as a force to do good for the world.


A B Corp certificate is the most powerful way for a company to build credibility, trust and value for your company. This certification goes further than just product or service level. It is the only certificate that measures overall social and environmental performance, which evaluates how the business models and operations have an impact on employees, community, environment and customers. From used materials to supply chain and from charitable support to fringe benefits. With a certificate you as a company prove that you meet the highest standards.


Pieter Dirven

“The certification was not a goal in itself, but it is a nice confirmation of the existing daily practice that De Smaakspecialist contributes to a better world on all fronts,” says founder Pieter Dirven. “It is nice to see that elements that form the basis of our organisation, such as sustainable purchasing and fair pricing, have now also been tested on the basis of the very strict assessment.”