We make schools 'KidsProef'

We live in a world where billions of people are living and this number is increasing every day. In 2050 there will be 9 billion people living on earth. Unfortunately the earth is not growing with us, so it will be a big challenge to keep feeding all these billions of people in the future.

Where better to start than with the young generation? They are the ones who will be faced with this challenge. That’s why it is important to educate the younger generation on responsible choices concerning nutrition, so we can eat and drink for the years to come.

What is KidsProef?

De Smaakspecialist is convinced that when kids become conscious about responsible nutrition, they will take better care of themselves and the rest of the world. That’s why de Smaakspecialist initiated the program ‘KidsProef’ (kids taste)! KidsProef is a lesson programme for kids from year 7-8 (Dutch system, ages 10 till 12) about responsible nutrition, with care for humans, animals and the environment. In class the children will learn what eating responsibly is by taking part in interactive activities that are part of the theory and practice lessons.


In the Netherlands there are quite a few educational programs for children in the field of responsible nutrition. Often these teaching packages are expensive and/or take up too much time within the curriculum of the elementary school. KidsProef is the ideal solution because:


KidsProef is relatively easy to implement because there is no extra work for the schools. The KidsProef ambassadors visit schools when it suits them and give an interactive lesson of 1.5 hours. The ambassadors will bring a KidsProef box with all the products, materials and the KidsProef certificate. This way we take all the worries off the teacher’s hands.


KidsProef makes it possible for schools with a low budget to offer an interesting lesson. The guest teacher or KidsProef ambassador will bring all the materials with him/her.


KidsProef is convinced that the senses play an important role in attracting and remembering new information. Because the children work with hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste, the lessons will be better remembered.