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At de Smaakspecialist we develop, produce and distribute the most beautiful products for in the supermarkets. We do this mainly under our own brands like Smaakt, BioToday and RAW Organic Food, with care for humans, animals and nature.

But that’s not all! Our assortment is free from refined sugars, mainly BioBased packed ánd over 90% of our products is vegan. Recently we introduced our own ‘vegan fresh’ range, consisting of ready-to-eat dinner kits, cheesecakes and substitutes for meat and cheese. Check out our complete assortment.

vegan kitchen cheesecake

Vegan fresh products Smaakt

  • Smaakt vegan ready-to-eat: sauerkraut mash
  • Smaakt vegan ready-to-eat: sweet potato and celeriac mash
  • Smaakt vegan ready-to-eat: beet root-Bourguignon with mash
  • Smaakt nuggets with cheese flavour
  • Smaakt falafel
  • Smaakt cubes natural
  • Smaakt slices with smoke flavour
  • Smaakt slices natural
  • Smaakt slices rich & spicy
  • Smaakt slices mild
  • Smaakt slices with chicken flavour
  • Smaakt slices with roulade flavour
  • Smaakt slices with paprika
  • Smaakt paté
  • Smaakt pizza topping natural
  • Smaakt pizza topping rich & spicy
  • Smaakt pizza topping mild

Vegan fresh products BioToday

  • BioToday vegan chili sin carne
  • BioToday vegan rendang
  • BioToday vegan yellow curry
  • BioToday vegan quiche Lorraine
  • BioToday vegan quiche spinach & paprika
  • BioToday vegan cheesecake lemon
  • BioToday vegan cheesecake raspberry

Vegan products in your supermarket?

Next to our vegan fresh range, de Smaakspecialist also has a large number of vegan perishable products. These are products that are naturally plant-based like oats or products that normally contain animal ingrediënts. Think of egg-free mayonaise or aioli or vegan jus and fond.

Besides, our assortment has many products packed with proteins, vitamines and minerals, which makes them the perfect meat-, egg- or dairy substitute. Think of legumes, seitan, tofu, tempeh, nut butters and (plant-based) powders.

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