Impact projects

Sharing knowledge and inspiration

Every single day we make impact. Whether we do this with a big or a small step; we make organic foodprints. Organic food is in our DNA and that is how we want to leave a positive food print on the planet. A print that respects the earth rather than it exhausts this beautiful globe. But we can only make a difference if we make as many organic food prints as possible, with as many people as possible. That’s why we share our knowledge and inspire thousands of people on a daily basis via our impact projects; education program Kidsproef, online food community Organic Kitchen and pop-up concept Bio Proeflokaal.


Grafische tekening van organic food prints


Food education

De Smaakspecialist is convinced that when kids become conscious about responsible nutrition, they will take better care of themselves and the rest of the world. That’s why de Smaakspecialist initiated the program ‘KidsProef’ (kids taste)! KidsProef is a lesson programme for kids from year 7-8 (Dutch system, ages 10 till 12) about responsible nutrition, with care for humans, animals and the environment. Ambassadors of KidsProef visit schools to teach a free lesson. At this moment already over 10.000 kids are KidsProef!

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Organic Kitchen

Online co-creation food platform

Cooking is something you do together! That is why de Smaakspecialist initiated food platform Organic Kitchen. It is our passion to share our ideas about wholesome food and inspire each other with them.  This online kitchen is a co-creation with many food bloggers, and the place to be for inspiration, recipes and knowledge for your organic and wholesome lifestyle. The online platform inspires over 50.000 followers on a daily basis with recipes, tips and knowledge.

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Bio Proeflokaal

Pop-up concept

Bio Proeflokaal (‘Organic Tasting’) is a pop-up concept which focuces fully on raising awareness around responsible and organic nutrition. With this concept we are able to transform a location into a temporarily food experience, where people can literally discover the world of organic food. Think of a restaurant with shop in the heart of Breda and an inspirational day with the theme ‘Healthy and Responsible Food in 2025’ in sustainable hotspot BlueCity in Rotterdam. Events, blogger meet & greets, food workshops and theme-dinners, you name it! So far de Smaakspecialist has run 4 successful Bio Proeflokaal editions and has inspired thousands of people.

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