New Product Innovations

NPD: New Product Development

According to the latest trends and developments in health food

The ‘Development Kitchen’ of de Smaakspecialist is the beating heart of our organisation where product development, innovation, data and research come together. Based on consumer needs and trends we introduce around 75 new products each year on the market. Think of trends like easy and quick, vegan, free from refined sugars, low carb, high fibre or rich in protein. This way we keep surprising consumers with beautiful products, suiting their needs and wants. Discover our latest product innovations!

Evening dinner

Cut the crap! The organic products of Smaakt fit perfectly in the clean eating trend. For an easy and healthy evening dinner the product assortment is expanded with amongst others: vegan noodles, pasta’s, dinner kits, burger mixes, (vegan fresh) sausages and stocks. These products are a nice complement to our existing assortment of grains, rice, legumes, meat substitues, soups and  bumbu’s.


New in the Smaakt assortment:

Vegan snacks

The products of BioToday fit perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. With the new to-go products of BioToday you never have to worry about having a healthy snack for your craving-moment when you are on the move. All snacks are organic, free from artificial additives, free from refined sugars and vegan. We also have some other brand new and unique plant-based introductons, like no bee honee, vegan cheese fondue, Coconut drink matcha and non cheesecake (deep frozen).



New in the BioToday assortment:

Low Carb

These RAW cripsy crackers answer to the popular low carb trend. RAW Crackers are 80% lower in carbohydrates than most other crackers. They have a base of seeds and kernels, enriched with powerful nuts and tasty herbs. They are tasteful, crunchy and packed with healthy raw organic ingeredients. The savoury crackers are raw, which means that these products aren’t heated above a certain temperature which allows them to maintain their nutritional value. The existing range is expanded with two new flavours.


New in the RAW Organic Food assortment: