What is Consenza?

PureFood Consenza has grown since 2006 into one of the leading and innovative brands in the Netherlands in the field of gluten-free products.

With a range of more than 125 products, shelf life and frozen, Consenza has a line of products that stands out in:
• Taste
• Quality
• Innovativity
• Trendsetting (shake bottles, instant pasta dishes, shelf-life microwave meals)

High quality products

Consenza only markets products that we are 100% satisfied with and that contain the best combination of ingredients, taste, aroma, texture, color and nutritional value. With the surprising and innovative products of Consenza you can enjoy gluten-free!

Increasing demand for gluten-free
Gluten is a group of proteins in grains. Products with these grains also contain gluten, the most famous example being bread.

It is possible that someone is gluten intolerant and the body does not respond well to products that contain gluten or that someone consciously wants to eat less or no gluten. A gluten-free range offers a solution for this growing segment.



Baking products, bread & bread substitutes

Cereals, meals & in between