Organic Kitchen

Cooking is something you do together! That is why de Smaakspecialist initiated Organic Kitchen. is the co-creation kitchen full of inspiration, recipes and knowledge for your organic and wholesome lifestyle. The online platform inspires over 10.000 followers on a daily basis with recipes, tips and knowledge.

Initiator Pieter: “It is our passion  to share ideas about wholesome food and inspire each other with them. Knowledge, recipes, events you name it! On this platform everything is bundled together so you don’t need to search for ages to find your favourite article!”


Organic Kitchen is a co-creation with partners and bloggers. By now partners such as Beebox, Bio Futura, Cuisinart, Body&Fit and many others have joined the Organic Kitchen. All partners are into organic, healthy and delicious food and share their knowledge, inspiration and make their services available to make the Organic Kitchen a place for inspiration for everybody. Bloggers carry their weight too. Enthusiastic foodies, food bloggers, cooks and nutritionists add interesting articles to Organic Kitchen’s Foodiepedia and recipes in the cooking book on a daily basis.

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