Together we stand stronger

At de Smaakspecialist we care a lot about the earth and sustainability. Of course we show this by our love and passion for organic food, but it is also something we want to do with others. That’s why it is very important to us to share our knowledge, products and time with partners. Read all about our partnerships.


Positive changes

De Smaakspecialist is a ‘Friend of Nudge’. Nudge is an online platform for consumers, which contributes to positive changes in society. They achieve this together with their community and business partners, the socalled ‘Friends of Nudge’. These friends make it possible for Nudge to support projects and initiatives and to connect people and organisations.

De Smaakspecialist supports Nudge on one hand by providing organic products and on the other hand by sharing knowledge with our KidsProef program for elementary school kids. Besides all of this we are just impressed  with the positive impact that Nudge has on society. This gives us energy!

Stop TBC


Tuberculosis seems like a forgotten disease. We think that it’s something of ‘times of yore’, that people in first world countries can’t get this anyway. The opposite is true. Pieter Dirven, director of De Smaakspecialist, knows this from personal experience. This is why De Smaakspecialist steps up to stop TBC. KNCV Tuberculosis foundation is standing up against this world-wide killer. The charity fund is sharing her expertise not solely in the Netherlands, but also in developing countries and upcoming markets, so tuberculosis can be discovered at an early stage and efficiently be treated.

If you’re unhappy about one of our products you’ll get your money back or we will donate this to the Tuberculosis foundation.  When you choose to donate your purchasing amount to charity we will add an additional 5 euros.

Responsible and sustainable bussiness

MVO Nederland (Netherlands)

De Smaakspecialist has been welcomed as a partner of MVO Netherlands! MVO Netherlands is a large and varied network of MVO entrepreneurs, a.k.a. entrepreneurs that undertake responsibly for society. De Smaakspecialist prides itself in being part of this network, after all we’re making the world more sustainable!

Of course we don’t create a more sustainable world on our own, that is why MVO Netherlands brings companies together to bring about change. The partners of MVO Netherlands operate on different areas and in different fields, but they all have one thing in common: they’re bringing about positive change in industries like climate, energy, (raw) materials, waste and the defensible, working man/woman. It’s in the Smaakspecialist her DNA to add as much as she can to the conversation in these areas. Since we see it as our responsibility to take care of the earth, because after all, she is everything. We always make choices with the health of the earth in the back of our mind. And as a partner of MVO Netherlands we can share our mission with other MVO-ers!