De Smaakspecialist is expanding the production of their ‘’soup kitchen’’ in Eindhoven with 100% organic soups, bouillons and stock!

De Smaakspecialist develops, produces, and distributes sustainable foods. They believe in the power and urge of good food for a sustainable world. They work with their own factories such as Organic Food Eindhoven, or as they would rather say: the Soup Kitchen! After the success of the 7 BioToday soups, De Smaakspecialist is now expanding with stocks, sauces, spreads, and pastes.


How does De Smaakspecialist approach this? Pieter Dirven (founder) says: ‘’We do this in collaboration with various teams in De Smaakspecialist: after an intense brainstorming in our NPD team, our buying department ensures that we use only certified organic and fresh materials. After that, the products will be produced in our factory in Eindhoven, with a lot of personal attention in a small informal team. We then deliver these products to our customers, whereby our account managers ensure the right sales support in combination with our marketing activities above & below the line under the inspiring guidance of our marketeers. During the entire process, our quality department monitors if all steps that have been taken meet our strict requirements and certifications (e.g. IFD, BRC, EKO, Organic, Vegan, FSC, BioBased packaging ad B-Corp). Because we control the entire chain ourselves, we are the Soup Specialist. For our brands BioToday, Smaakt and Consenza we now produce various soup products, such as meal soups, ready-to-use soups, fresh soups, gluten-free soups, fonds, (vegan) bouillons and (yeast-free) bouillon powders.’’


Soup is an authentic dish in the Netherlands. Especially organic soups are growing rapidly in retail (IRI MAT P6 ’21). A unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a difference by attracting loyal BioToday and Smaak consumers to their soup shelves.
De Smaakspecialist’s soups are extra concentrated, which benefits sustainability. This makes a difference in transport and packaging material. In addition, the products made at Organic Food Eindhoven are packed in glass jars that simply go into the glass container and will be recycled. If you still think this is a shame, De Smaakspecialist has a lot of good DIY ideas on their website to give glass jars a new life (for example for your overnight oats on the go or lighting for a garden party


In addition to soups, bouillons, and stocks, Eindhoven has recently started making many other tasty sustainable, healthy and organic products such as ghee, vegetable- and subtropical fruit spreads, pastes and various sauces. Naturally, the products are only made with organic ingredients and without artificial additives. Everything you taste is pure and natural! In this way, both De Smaakspecialist and the consumer contribute. This way you take care of yourself, your environment and the future.


Do you also want to contribute to a better world by making the most delicious organic products? You can! We are looking for reinforcements in our beloved Soup kitchen in Eindhoven. Are you the cooperative foreman or enthusiastic production employee with a sense of healthy food? Take a look at our vacancies at www.desmaakspecialist/vacatures.