De Smaakspecialist wins the ”Innova Klassiek” with BioToday Lentil Chips!

Winner Innova Klassiek de Smaakspecialist: ‘Our chips are here to stay’

ULVENHOUT – BioToday’s Lentil chips contain 40 percent pulses and are 100 percent organic: good for people and the environment. But above all, very tasty, accessible and on-rend, says Pieter Dirven, founder of the Smaakspecialist (B Corp certified).


What do you think about winning the Innova Klassiek?

“We are obviously very happy and very proud. It is yet another confirmation that our sustainable and healthy products add value and are appreciated by both consumers and customers.’’


Why would buyers have declared you the winner?

“First and foremost, our BioToday Lentil Chips are very tasty, accessible and on-trend. And above all also very responsible; not only for yourself (more protein and less fat), but also for the planet, because our chips are 100% organic.’’


What makes the winning product so unique?

‘’ Our BioToday Lentil Chips contain 40 percent pulses and are therefore a source of protein and fibre. No sugar, yeast or flavour enhancer are added. They contain 50% less fat than regular potato chips and are completely vegan. Plus, they are also organic. This combination makes our BioToday Lentil Chips a unique proposition on the shelf.’’


How do retailers best market the winning product?

‘’Currently, our BioToday Lentil Chips are mainly on the organic shelf at the retailer. We are convinced that our chips add value in the regular chips shelf, in order to give all consumers the opportunity to make a responsible choice. Once you have tried it, you will be convinced, because BioToday Lentil Chips are also very tasty.’’


What is the added value of this product for the category?

‘’ BioToday Lentil Chips are sustainable, healthier, organic, and vegan chips and therefore respond perfectly to the current shift towards more focus on these values. Our chips are here to stay and this Innova Klassiek award proves that.’’

Barry van Koutrik

Senior category manager Plus

‘’De Smaakspecialist always responds perfectly to the latest trends with its innovations and knows exactly what the consumer needs. Also with this BioToday Lentil Chips. Cheers!’’


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