One step closer towards sustainable packaging

De Smaakspecialist is continuously improving to sustain its processes and products. Not only food-wise, but also in packaging. We are proud to announce that the products of our brand RAW Organic Food will show up in store in a brand new sustainable package this autumn. Especially the RAW grains, nuts, seeds, kernels, dried fruit will be getting this fancy new outside based on BioBased foil.  


Renewed design, recognizable style

All products of RAW Organic Food are organic, pure and produced at a low temperature (<46 C). The packages will keep their recognizable clean black and white appearance, whith the pure raw ingredients as their hero. To give the brand even more body and power the logo get’s a slight adjustment, where a leave is merged into the edge of the logo. A renewed fresh package, suiting our RAW philosophy; be pure eat RAW.


BioBased foil

Next to the FSC quality mark which can be found on all our paper packages, de Smaakspecialist has made a great step towards making our package more sustainable. The new (bag) packages consist of a BioBased material. What makes this material sustainable is the fact that it consists of 50% renewable raw materials. Sugar beet is used as a source. Besides, the packages are completely recyclable. The BioBased material is composed in a way we won’t have to make any concessions in terms of protection and shelf life of the product. The techniques in sustainable packaging are improving and developing quickly. That’s why de Smaakspecialist will continuously challenge itself to keep making the next step in sustainability.