“Stop the cooking clock, Organic Kitchen has officially been opened!”

-Inspiring food stories, vegan burgers and signing sessions –

Thursday 16th of June 2016 the food platform Organic Kitchen literally came to life during the launch at the Stadgalerij in Breda. Around 200 invitees, including partners, bloggers and those interested/ the curious, stopped the cooking clock to officially launch the food platform www.organickitchen.bio . The public was taken into the world of Organic kitchen, inspired by famous bloggers like Jet van Nieuwkerk and De Hippe Vegetariër and had the honour of tasting the vegan burger from Gare du Nord.

Sharing knowledge and inspiration

The mind behind this initiative Pieter Dirven of the Smaakspecialist kicked off with the dream of the Organic Kitchen. Pieter: “Our ambition is to inspire as many people as possible on a daily basis with wholesome and tasty food. The essence here is that it concerns a co-creation kitchen.  I’ve thrown the pebble in the pond. Now partners and bloggers, who are working towards the same goal,  will create Organic Kitchens shape and content. In the Netherlands thousands of people are conscious about what they eat on a daily basis. How good would it be if we could share our knowledge and inspiration through Organic Kitchen.”

From food bucket list  to tasting insects

The food platform Organic Kitchen is a place where about 7 000 people get inspired online on a daily basis in the area of organic and wholesome nutrition through food blogs and recipes among others. The online ‘kitchen’ was realized through Ted Talk like presentations and the tasting of organic dishes and snacks. Guest speakers shared their inspiration stories in the area of wholesome nutrition, like the top 10 bucket list of De Hippe Vegetarier, how food works like a medicine by Victoria No Secrets, the story of bio vegan bistro Gare du Nord and Jet talking about how simple eating healthy can be. The various partners of the Organic Kitchens: De Smaakspecialist, Bio Futura and Delibugs also provided food for the people to taste at the stands, which they, obviously, enjoyed. To finish it off people could get the books of the De Hippe Vegetarier and Jet signed and get a commemorational self-portrait in the photo booth. Pieter: “Stop the cooking clock, Organic kitchen has officially been opened. Now is the time to share Organic Kitchen with everyone.”


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For more information go to www.organickitchen.bio